Level 1

This class is for all of our beginner pole dancers including those who have never danced before! In this class you will learn all the basics to set you up for your pole dancing journey, including steps, spins, climbs and sits! Over the 8 week course you will also learn a gorgeous pole routine to join all your new found skills together. 


Level 2

Established our basics now it's time to turn the upside down. Yup, you heard us! In level 2 we begin to learn our inverts, leg hangs as well as other amazing new skills. Another 8 weeks flies by and another amazing routine to incorporate our new upside down skills!


Level 3

Caught the pole bug have we? Lets put all of the basics of spins and inverts together and start looking as some cool new tricks and combos! Over the 8 week course you will learn moves such as Ice Skater, shoulder mounts, superman and much much more. You will also learn another fun filled routine as we build up your strength and stamina. 


Level 4

Now things start getting more fun, more scary, more splitty and more bendy. Be prepared to really use that strong core you have developed as you learn moves such as iguana, brass monkey, Jade splits, full splits and more! Over 8 weeks you will learn ways to combine these moves and be ready for the next level to come. 


Level 5

In level 5 we spend way more time at height in order to learn more extreme moves. You will cover moves such as allegra, Ayesha, ballerina, walk overs and much more! We will also spend time combining the moves we have learnt to increase your strength and endurance.


Level 6

Now we are getting advanced! Experimenting with harder grip styles from claw grips, to elbow grips and everything in between. Flexibility will be important here to master moves such as cocoon and eagles! You will also need that strength you developed in level 5 to expand into new moves from your Ayesha,  


Pole Flow

Bring your heels and lets have some fun on and around the pole. Learn to incorporate various level 1 and level 2 type moves into a flowing routine. Learn flow moves not normally incorporated in the level routines, trending moves and transitions in this 8 week intensive routine.

Exotic Pole Flow

Bring your heels, bring your knee pads and your sexy self! Very similar to pole flow where you will learn a dance routine around and including the pole but including some elements you would see in a strip club. Help bring out your sex appeal in this hot flow class and leave really feeling yourself.



As you move up through the levels you will notice that some moves require you to put you leg or arm in hard to reach places... make it easier to reach with our flexibility classes. Get those splits, do those bend backs, grab that foot. Essential to those moving their way up through the levels.


Advanced 1

Wowie, so you made it this far! Let's kick it up a notch :) In this level we tackle the highly sought after Iron X, Marion Amber, Eagle and so much more! Make sure you bring your big girl boots because you are going to need them to conquer all your fears.

Fitness Group Classes


Strength & Conditioning

This class is a must for those starting their pole journey. Build up your fitness levels, your core, your upper body with this intensive workout. This will help you master those harder to hold pole moves and increase your stamina.


Dance Fit

All about that dance cardio! Combining a sequence of 3-4 moves we dance out the sequence both left and right and on repeat for the song. For each new song there is a new sequence. You will need to complete level 1 as we do incorporate some pole moves.